Break-Ups and Make-Ups


This week – or month I shall say – has been tough, but at least it was quick. November 1st felt like it was just last week. Throughout the month I had to make some difficult decisions: breakups. I had to take a break from learning French because it felt like I was massacring the language. It was the best for both of us and hopefully, we can come into terms once more in the future.

I also had to break-up with my habits. I always tended to do the opposite of what my friend’s tell me, and that has led me to nowhere but heartbreak. Why is that? My heart was overpowering my emotions and choices. It was difficult to think clearly. Many people around me have been dealing with a similar situation. Getting back with a boyfriend who cheated on you multiple times with multiple people and multiple sexes just because you love him was a common one. It deems you as stupid in love, but how can it be love when it’s one-sided? If they cheated on you, they know what they’re doing and they obviously don’t have these feelings anymore, or perhaps, never had any in the first place.

Nonetheless, I had made-up with my confidence, thinking more inquisitively about my choices, knowing my boundaries and setting my expectations a little higher. I took a day off, sick, and thought of all the things I am thankful for.

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I am grateful for my lovely family, I am grateful for this blog that has given me an outlet for my creative ventures, and I am grateful for my wondrous friends. Although I was thankful for the people around me, I needed to take a day off. I was randomly shopping at the Dollar Store, don’t ask why haha, and I came across Your Inner Will: Finding Personal Strength in Critical Times by Piero Ferrucci. It was the perfect time to pick up this book and has helped me so much with looking at things from a different perspective.

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I have also been loving this scent from Victoria’s Secret, the Bombshell Seduction.  It is something I would wear more in the Springtime, but I received it as a birthday gift, so too early! The tricky thing about Victoria Secret fragrances is its wearing longevity, this one lasts a pretty long time for me though. I have learned that if you add petroleum jelly, Vaseline, on your perfume points, it will last longer. There are other ways too, but I will explain that in another post.

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