The Top 5 Most Under-Rated​ Beauty Brands


As I was speaking to a few fellow beauty bloggers, it was a consensus that the drug-store makeup market is completely and utterly under-rated. With the rise of affluent YouTubers and celebrity makeup brands such as Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, drug-store makeup has gone into a decline. Here are a few of my favorite drug-store makeup brands. X

Milani Cosmetics


Milani Cosmetics is who I turn to when I need a natural glow so I will use their bronzers and sometimes concealer for a basic cover-up.

Wet N’ Wild


Wet N’ Wild is mostly known for their Color Icon Lipliner and it never fails to finish the look.

Physician’s Formula

Physician’s Formula specializes in makeup and skincare. For me, their tinted moisturizer is what sets them out and can be a dupe for most SPF moisturizers from Sephora, Ulta, etc. And it is organic and cruelty-free!


E.l.f. Cosmetics is a brand that really introduced me to make up and can be used to continue on in life. It is my absolute favorite brand.


Going into skincare one more time, you may have seen Alba Botanica from their commercials with Ocean Ramsey – a shark conservationist and marine biologist. Their brand exerts a tropical escape vibe. Their products are really good and worth a try.