Cool Blues and Hot Reds

Hey guys! It was a nice day outside and kind of reminded me of Shakespeare’s quote, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Although it’s not even summer yet, not even close… oh well. Today I was scrolling through my photos and found these polaroids and thought these pictures captured the essence of today. Even though it was quite warm that day, I’ve decided wear this Fashion Nova turtleneck crop sweater with flared out sleeves paired with red joggers from God knows where. It was a concept and decided to go through with it.

The shirt alone only costed me around $7 I believe. (ebay link here but for full price) I even bought 4 Fashion Nova outfits just for around $36 a couple days ago (with shipping it costed around $42 and the original total was around $70, a deal!) the other day and will be making a separate post about it. Every time I shop on their website I just can’t help but to try everything in my ability to save as much money as I can. It’s easier to save money during and after big holidays (i.e. Christmas, Black Friday, New Years, etc) but much harder during the summer. All this would be new talk in another week though.

Ciao lovelies! Talk soon x