How to Freshen Up Your Dry Hair

It’s a lot. Curly hair, I mean. For us curly loves, we have to keep in mind our curl pattern, hair type, porosity, etc. Just to determine what we should be putting into our hair. We pour in endless hours of hair shopping, washing, and brushing in the shower for us to go nowhere. To end all of that, we must work smarter, not harder.

The most important task for maintaining that moisture is hair porosity, the hair’s ability to retain moisture. There’s high porosity (the hair has very well capability to hold that moisture), medium porosity, and low porosity (the hair has poor ability to absorb and retain moisture). How to determine your hair porosity? Do the simple water cup test. Pour a cup of warm water and pluck a strand of your hair and place it gently on the water. Don’t push it down but let it gently sink. If it doesn’t sink you may have low porosity hair, if it falls halfway, you have medium, and if it sinks completely, you have high porosity, yay!

Now, what do we do with this information? If you’re reading this article, you most likely have medium or low porosity hair.

First, let me tell you if you keep trying to retain moisture by coconut oil, that may not be the best option. Coconut oil is not to put moisture but to protect moisture. What that means if your hair can handle coconut oil (the oil may be too heavy or harsh on low porosity hair) then you always want to apply it LAST. Leave-in conditioner, hair milk (most recommended for low porosity hair), styling cream, anything non-oily must be applied first for the oil to protect it.

It’s a simple mistake that a lot of people repeat without noticing it. Hopefully, if you observed that your hair can’t even handle oil, dump it in the trash and try to opt for hair milk, hair cream, or/and conditioner. I recommend any Aussie Shampoo (my favorite is coconut and avocado), the Aussie Mango conditioner (I really like using it as a leave-in conditioner), Heeta Scalp Massager to have the blood flowing and increase length in hair, any Avocado-based at-home hair mask, and Moroccanoil Hair Defining Cream.

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